How We Began

Lorrie and Tom were married in February 1996 after a 5 year courtship. While we loved our home in West Seattle, we felt strongly that there was something else out there for us. With Lorrie’s vision and encouragement, we decided to look for land in the Snoqualmie Valley to build a home and begin our family. The dream of a vineyard and winery was somewhere deep in our subconscious even then.

Our first child Elle was born in January 1997 and in May, we bought our property and a year later, we moved into our new home. In October of 1999, Nolan was born. He’s never known another home.

Chateau NoElle is truly the manor built for Elle and Nolan. It has been our sincere joy to share our home and property with friends and family over the years and we welcome you to share this place with us.